Our feasibility check saves costs and opens up new approaches.

At tsf, individual and fair customer consultation is no optional extra, but is simply part of the service. Ideally this will take place at a face to face meeting during which we make an exact note of all customer requirements – including, for instance, details of tolerances and the required technological properties (mechanical stress, heat resistance, surface finish, etc.).

casted bionic structures with tsf

We will show you how even complex geometries can be implemented in one single tooling concept, and which parameters may need to be adjusted to enable the component to be manufactured cost-efficiently in series production. Another crucial topic to be discussed is the selection of the right material. Our consultation service is your assurance that your investment cast component will unconditionally fulfill the specified requirements and that the manufacturing costs will not exceed a reasonable budget.

In many cases, a hand sketch is sufficient to give us a clear indication of how to produce a particular component efficiently in investment casting. This will save you the unnecessary cost of having a detailed technical drawing produced for a design which may not be feasible for production.