Pattern production in record time – with rapid prototyping

With rapid prototyping we can offer you a fast and simple way to produce your pattern. This technology enables the cost-efficient creation of production-intent prototypes with tight tolerances and high-quality surface finish for minimal batch sizes or even single pieces. A tangible 3D pattern is produced directly from the CAD data. This means that you will benefit from cost and time economies, and errors will be detected at an early stage in the design process.

Investment casting process at tsf with rapid prototyping
tsf CADtsf 3D Kunststoffmodelltsf Feingusstsf Gussteil

Take advantage of rapid prototyping:

  • short product development times due to direct implementation of 3D data in a plastic pattern
  • high dimension accuracy and surface finish
  • economical production of prototypes based on 3D-printed plastic patterns
  • prototypes with production-intent properties
  • early error detection at the prototype stage
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