The use of natural resources in a responsible way is for tsf the base of sustainable success. This approach helps to preserve the environment for future generations. tsf implements ecological and economical objectives through continuous validations and ongoing improvements of all process steps within the production. The professional recycling of the investment casting waxes allows a re-use these high quality system waxes.

The minerals used for the production of the ceramic shells are re-used after the casting process for road building projects. tsf protects the environment and supports climate protection projects with the persistent use of certified green electricity. In 2019, tsf won the yearly Environmental Award of the Stadtwerke Tübingen for its extraordinary efforts and exemplary environmental management, including the installation of the largest possible photovoltaic system and implementing 100% climate neutrality.

At tsf, we know that we operate in one of the most energy-intensive primary forming processes and that, despite our best efforts, we do not get by completely without CO2 emissions. However, we neutralize every single ton with certified and transparent projects with our partner ConClimate.

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