Tool steel

It’s all in the name – the designated use of tool steel needs no further explanation. For the enormous variety of tools on the market there is an equivalent number of requirement profiles and chemical compositions. This group of materials includes not only hot work and cold work tool steels, but also case-hardening, heat treatable and bearing steels. In the steel casting process, the composition and heat treatment of each material is optimized for the specific application.

Tool steels are subject to frequent severe mechanical stress and must also have high wear resistance. Therefore, they are mostly alloyed analogously to heat treatable steels, and also contain alloy elements which increase ductility. The wear resistance is increased by the carbide formers used. In most cases, tool steels have a medium to very high carbon content which enables them to meet the specific requirements of the various applications.


DIN-No. Designation
1.2419 105WCr6
1.2562 142WV13
1.2764 X19NiCrMo4
1.2884 X210CrCoW12
The above is merely a selection of typical investment casting materials, further options on request.