The one-source, one-stop solution

Tübinger Stahlfeinguss (tsf) stands for supreme competence in the production of steel precision-cast products.


We manufacture investment castings with unit weights from 10 g to 70 kg. The component length can be anything up to 500 mm.

We use a wide range of materials and alloys which enable us to tailor the products exactly to your specific requirements. Each investment cast component manufactured at tsf has the exact properties required by the customer.

For the castings we produce materials ranging from unalloyed carbon steel through alloyed engineering steel to high-alloyed stainless, acid- and heat-resistant steel grades, depending on the customer requirement.

With a workforce of 60, tsf supplies tailored investment casting solutions.

tsf, as a specialist for high-precision cast parts, has manufactured for its customers thousands of series and prototyping projects. This huge success was possible by using the latest technology and the well-founded expertise in the investment casting process, which was constantly developed during the last decades. Thanks to an established network of suppliers and production partners, we can offer our customers top-quality, ready-to-use components from a single source. Transparent and reliable production processes as well as dedicated customer service assure the impeccable quality of our products. As an owner-managed, family-run company, our name stands as guarantor for our commitment.

Our customer base includes major manufacturers in Germany and abroad who impose rigorous quality and time-schedule requirements.