“We offer our customers tailor-made and innovative solutions from prototyping to series production.”

Johanna Stadtler

Executive Partner, tübinger stahlfeinguss

From automotive to medical engineering – precision castings for any branch of industry

Investment casting works across industries. The diverse properties of the alloys we supply and manufacture cover a wide range of application. We support customers with first-class investment cast products for use in challenging and exciting applications. Whatever the requested property our customers look for – whether stainless steel, heat-resistant steel or acid-resistant steel paired with appearance and strength – we will find the solution. Customers rely on investment casting from tsf in the following industrial applications:

Medical and pharmaceutical technology

In medical and pharmaceutical technology applications you can find corrosion-resistant and high-strength components from tsf. The highest level of precision, ease of cleaning and dimensional stability for safety-critical applications are the special requirements that our customers place on us. We and you live up to this trust and responsibility for the good of the health of our society with the label “made in Germany”.

Food technology

Food processing applications require the highest surface and a food-safe material quality, which tsf steel investment castings fulfill in various parts of modern industries and construction. Fasteners, joints, pumps, mixing systems, etc. have been standard parts for generations that tsf manufactures from fast prototypes to large series.

Defense technology

Defense technology applications require process-reliable production and parts supply for decades (after market), as well as commitment to the safest and best solution for people and machinery. Smart lightweight construction enables weight advantages with maximum stability and endurance. The “Made in Germany” label stands for maximum trust in performance, traceability, reliability and close customer-supplier relationships.

Mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical engineering is a particular focus at tsf. Searching and finding smart and intelligent high-end solutions is not only fun, but also creates the greatest value added, usually all over the world. The tsf investment casting shows its strengths, among other things, in a reduced post-machining and the ability to eliminate cost-intensive welding assemblies. In combination with hybrid investment casting, both bring speed and cost advantages for the implementation of customer-specific solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering.

From the rapid Engineering and production of initial validation samples for studies or application-oriented research to high-end small / exclusive series up to quantities in the millions: tsf offers its customers lightweight construction, appearance, process stability, durability, speed and a reliable supply chain (global risk management). A successful project planning with tsf included already at:

  • durable and light exterior parts (e.g. roof)
  • high-strength chassis components
  • wear-resistant parts of the power train (e.g. gears)
  • graceful exclusive parts / decorative Elements for car attractivness
Earth moving and construction machinery

In these industries, the operating time must be as long as possible due to the high operating costs. Robustness, wear-resistance and the high specific strength of the tsf steels enable low-maintenance operation and high energy efficiency.

Further applications are:

  • Chemical apparatus / process industry
  • Leisure euqipment
  • Aviation / Aerospace
  • Pumps and fittings
  • Conveyor technology
  • Elevators and transportation equipment
  • Road construction
  • and many more

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